Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Continuing to Work after Retirement Can be Healthy

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology recently published a longitudinal study by Zhan et. al of 12,189 men and women from 51 to 61 years old about their employment history, experiences after retirement along with their physical and mental health. The major finding is that people who report continuing to work after retirement also has fewer major diseases or disabilities than those who stop working. These decreased health risks were sustained for full- or part-time job, self-employment or temporary employment. A caveat is that retirees who found work related to their previous careers had the best mental health. Thus, while not for everyone, if one is able to find a job that is relatively little stress provoking, this can lead to good outcomes. These findings have been replicated in several prior studies.

Click here for the NY Times's article

Click here for the full study

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