Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Renters' Credit Shopping Bag

To watch the video about the Renters' Credit Shopping Bag, visit:

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Last year, over 200 people mailed HOME Line letters telling us what they used the Renters’ Credit to buy. This year, we’ve decided to use those stories … and future stories … to fill “Renters’ Credit Shopping Bags” and bring those bags to legislators so they can see why it’s important to their constituents.

HOME Line will make a Renters’ Credit Shopping Bag for each community we get stories from. Here’s what we need from you:

* If you are a renter who gets the Renters’ Credit: Tell us your story. Or, just let us know what you buy with the Renters’ Credit. Let us know if we can use your name (first name, if that’s all you are comfortable with). You can call, write, or email us. Use the contact information below.
* If you are a service provider: Serve as a hub for stories in your local community. Send HOME Line stories as you get them. Or, perhaps you can send us a grocery bag from one of your local stores. We will use that bag to create your community’s Shopping Bag.

Since some of the items in the shopping bag will be of value (and we can’t give gifts to legislators), HOME Line will hold on to the bags, show them to legislators at appropriate times, and make sure the items donated get to a food shelf, homeless shelter, or person in need after the 2010 Legislative Session.

HOME Line’s contact information:

Call: (612) 728-5770 ext 108 Ask for Tracey



3455 Bloomington Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Email: homework@homelinemn.org

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