Thursday, March 11, 2010

Minnesota Renters's Credit Coalition

While our collective efforts were successful in convincing the legislature to oppose all cuts to the Renters’ Credit, unfortunately Governor Pawlenty implemented a 27 percent cut to the Renters’ Credit in 2010 through unallotment. What is the impact?

· 280,900 Minnesota households will see a cut in their Renters’ Credit at a time when they are struggling to make ends meet. The average credit will be cut by $129.
· 18,000 Minnesotans lose their credit completely.

And the Governor’s new budget proposal for this year wants to make that cut permanent.

We need to continue to work together to fight these cuts and to ensure that the state’s budget isn’t balanced on the backs of low-income renters, seniors and people with disabilities.

The sign-on letter last year was an important part of our advocacy efforts. We need to do it again this year. We have updated the sign-on letter with more current information, but the message remains the same. Click here to see the letter online at

Please let them know if you do not want your organization’s name to appear on this year’s sign-on letter.

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