Thursday, September 10, 2009

If You Build It (They) Will Come

I ran across an article from South Florida Business Journal from awhile back but it's still note worthy. The article explores the concept of "aging-in-place" in which businesses are increasing building or fixing houses so that elders are able to reside in their home more comfortably and safely. It brings up the idea that many so called "baby boomers" do not want to live in institutions and would rather live in their own home if given choice. Thus, houses made for these elders must be modified. Changes to the house would consist simple modifications such as larger faucets, wider doors, and easier to navigate household fixtures. Other architectural changes include replacing bathtub with showers, wood floors, built in elevators, and so on. The overall message is to create more mobility homes that are also aesthetically pleasing. In all, the article does a decent job (despite lacking depth) of outlining the need for more "elder friendly" homes and brought to light the idea that our current housing system is unfavorable for our aging population.
For the full article click here.

Belle Khuu

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