Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you know someone over 60 creating new solutions to social problems?

Ann Higdon isn't your average baby boomer. Inspired by her own difficult childhood, she's now running a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged teens in Dayton, Ohio, turn their lives around. She's also one of 10 people to win the 2009 Purpose Prize for changing lives - starting with her own.
Know someone like Ann? The $100,000 Purpose Prize is accepting nominations, including self-nominations, click here until March 5.
Ann's organization, Improved Solutions for Urban Systems (ISUS), helps high school dropouts get their degrees and build careers. Her students not only get a high school education, they also learn job skills in health care, computer operation and construction. Many students take their training and use it to improve their community, such as building homes in run-down neighborhoods.
The Purpose Prize is looking for 10 people to win up to $100,000 each to support their work solving some of our most pressing social issues - from health care to the environment, poverty to education.
Get started on nominating someone you know, a parent, coworker, friend or yourself, for the 2010 Prize.

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