Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spotlight on: Ladder Out of Poverty Bill (HF 2062/SF 1770)

In Jan 2009, Legislative Commission to End Poverty by 2020 released their final report recommending for strategies to aid low-income Minnesotans to accumulate and retain assets while promoting financial literacy. Representative Morrie Lanning and Senator Michael Jungbauer responded by introducing HF 2062 and SF 1770. The bill calls for a task force to be established focusing on critical multi pronged poverty alleviating issues such as assets building and maintenance, predatory lending practices, and financial education. All these issues must be addressed before Minnesotans, especially elders, are able to maintain economic security and to age with dignity. Please contact your legislator to let them know you support Minnesotans' ladder to economic self sufficiency! Click here to track the progress on this bill.

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