Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As the oldest can't retire, the newest can't get hired.

An article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press highlighted a unique economic situation: many of our oldest workers cannot retire and many of our newest workers cannot get hired. These two groups of employees do not typically face similar economic challenges. One economist featured in the article suggested: "With unemployment at a 26-year high and many older workers chasing entry-level jobs like those they held a half-century ago, 70 has become the new 20."

Some of the elders featured in the article are facing a difficult job search due to their advanced age. It is the position of the Minnesota Elder Economic Security Initiative that we should "encourage elders who choose to improve their economic status by remaining in the workforce after age 65. Encourage employers to provide flexible, non-traditional work configurations and other features helpful to all employees." For more information on that policy position, and others, click here.

By Marie Nelson

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