Monday, March 16, 2009

MinnEESI: Just more data, or something new?

The Elder Economic Security Initiative (EESI) is an exciting new initiative that seeks to secure economic self-sufficiency for older adults. EESI uses a three-pronged approach: organizing, advocacy and research.

EESI is not "business as usual." A great feature of this multi-state project is the Elder Index, an entirely new measure of the cost of living. The Elder Index is unique in that it determines the incomes and supports needed for elders to live modestly depending on their health and life circumstances. The Elder Index's life circumstances include married or single and renter or home-owner (with and without mortgage).

By these standards, researchers learned that the statewide Minnesota Elder Index is $16,676 (for homeowners without a mortgage) or $19,090 (for renters). Compared to the federal poverty guideline of $10,400, the difference is remarkable.

To view the complete findings of the Minnesota Elder Index, you can download the file from the Wider Opportunities for Women website. It includes specific information on every county in Minnesota.

For more information contact the MinnEESI project coordinator, Marie Nelson, at or 651-228-0338.

By Marie Nelson

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